what can I improuve on my report

What did I do well? behaver well in most of my class are a faire with hight and medium and five lows and in


what do I need to improuve on ?

level of praformance in english

use of calss time in cooking and level of praformance in cooking

level of praformance in since and personal organisation  in since

steedy hand game

this is my steady hand game it is finished this takes three to four weeks about ruffley if you want to billed one you want the wire u will need shrink wrap and buzzer two leds lights battery snap and some fence wire you need that at the end sand paper to sand the fince wire once sanded and bent in the shape you want then with a nail bang in the holes where  to go then  drill a hole in the back bored now with the exsted buzzer wire attach it to the fince wire also with the other wire attach it to the  red peace of cable there you have it a finished steady hand game


making mixtures

I made a a water with oil then we shaked it   then we added detergent as we did before with water and oil and detergent and oil devolved when we shaked it we found out that when you put everything together it sorta did an explosion and we saw that the detergent and the oil had devolved

“Sugar solutions” experment

we used  a measuring tube to measure a leater of water then with a bunsen burner safely. We heated the water  to 60# degreases then in   went the sugar cube. We stared it then back on the tripod then we put the bunsen burner back under the tripod to reheat the water. We mange to get to thirteenth sugar cube. We would’ve made hour fourteen sugar cub but we had to pack up.  I  worked with  Eamon and Ashlin.

lachlan’s group did 30# degreases 10 sugar cubs

ruby’s group did 40# degreases 14 sugar cubs

cameron’s group did 503 degreases  13 sugar cubs

braydon’s group did 70 degreases 26 sugar cubs

bryce’s group did  80# degreases 33 suger cubs

lenas group did 90# degreases 37 sugar cubs

Ashlin’s group did 60# degreases 13 sugar cubs

how to use google

. how do you find search results from just Australia?
to get results you need to add au short for australia sorta like my exampull dogs:au
.how do you search for a particular time?

well you go to google  and you see  searh tools  and click on it and you click any time and you click what time you wont


.what is the best way to searh for a particular person